The Existential Citizen is where I will be posting and organizing my thoughts as I develop the Existential Citizenship Project.

The main focus of the Existential Citizenship Project is the application of Existentialism to the question of what it means to be a citizen. Existentialism provides a unique conception of individual choice and responsibility that is exceptionally pertinent to political engagement. An existential perspective also provides a distinct orientation against the widespread apathy, pessimism and cynicism which characterizes so much of our contemporary civics and politics.

For people already familiar with Existentialism, the combination of Existentialism and political engagement will not be new. That said, I have also not yet seen such an explicit focus on civic engagement from an existentialist perspective, and my work in this area will add substantially to both areas.

For others, though, the basic commitments of Existentialism can seem unnerving, overly cerebral, and practically irrelevant to their daily lives. As such, this narrowing of the focus of existentialism to political engagement—without requiring or assuming that people accept Existentialism writ large—actually expands the scope and the appeal of Existentialism as a philosophical orientation.

The basic principles of the Existential Citizenship Project as I develop them are listed here. Read more about other aspects of the Existential Citizenship Project on other pages, using the menu above or to the right.

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